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Article: Sydney's Top Shelf Styling Tips

Sydney's Top Shelf Styling Tips

Sydney's Top Shelf Styling Tips

  1. Have a Color Scheme

When choosing shelf accessories, it is important to go in with a color palette in mind. Do you want your space to feel more cool with bright airy colors that give off a soft look or warm and moody with rich textured elements?

  1. Grouping Objects Together

Grouping objects together is a great way to keep your space from looking cluttered. My favorite way to do this is to introduce items like trays or baskets to sit objects on top of. Not only does this bring depth to your space, but it also stays pleasing to the eye.

  1. Create a Variation of Heights

With various groupings and spacing, it's nice to have a variety of heights within your vignette. An easy way to do this is to give all 3 items within your collection a different height variation. Think of it as one small item, one medium item and one tall item!

  1. Layer Objects

I like to layer my shelves with pictures and paintings against the back walls. Not only does this add dimension into your space, but it is also a great way to bring pops of color.

  1. Add Textures

Texturizing a shelf is what brings interest into the space. You will want to vary your materials with baskets, brass, wood, clay, pottery, glass and different metals for a collective and interesting look. 

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