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our story

Welcome to Soul Fed Home

A one stop shop for all things Antiques and Interiors

Here you will find a variety of unique heirloom pieces, design tips and how tos. We are excited to be a part of your journey in creating a space you love.

Meet the founder


Hi everyone. I’m Sydney, Owner and curator of Soul Fed Home - Antiques and Interiors. I grew up in small town Virginia where I loved to go antiquing with my Mom since I was a little girl. She helped me fall in love with the hunt for unique one of a kind pieces and is my sole reason this shop is what it is today but let me walk you through the story.

After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 2017, I took some time to travel, exploring numerous European Countries, The Middle East and Turkey. During that time, I met my husband in Italy during the summer of 2018. With two years of long distance, getting married in Italy during the pandemic in 2020, and coming back home knowing I wouldn't be seeing my now husband for what turned out to be a year, Soul Fed Started as a means to get him to the US with my mothers encouragement.

The Start of Soul Fed Home

With my years of travel and interest in bringing those styles back into Soul Fed, I started knowing that would be the end goal of my shop. My dream started with me selling anything and everything I could find during the pandemic when most stores were closed, traveling wasn't an option and with no other job to help fund the bigger picture. I just knew with every long night wrapping mugs and baskets I was getting a step closer to the bigger picture. I kept my head down for three years, Got my husband across the sea, moved us to a new state and built the life we have today because of this dream. Over time, I slowly started to incorporate the items that fuelled passion in my heart, I started sourcing in new areas, dreaming bigger and with time, My once small shop turned into everything I once could only dream of.

Soul Fed has truly filled my heart with more joy than I knew was possible. It has created a community and friendships that will last a lifetime. My hopes are to have you too become a part of the Soul Fed Family, start sourcing from those countries that sparked the inspiration and help bring the highest quality antiques into your life.

Thank you for being here!

I look forward to being a part of your decorating journey.

Be sure to check out the place where it all started: IG: @soulfedhome