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1876 Cithara Sanctorum Tranovsky Tranoscius Protestantism Hymnal

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Cithara Sanctorum” is a significant Czech Protestant hymnal, and it is commonly associated with Jiří Třanovský, a prominent Silesian Lutheran theologian, poet, and preacher. He is best known for his contributions to Czech hymnody.

Třanovský compiled and composed hymns for the Protestant community, and his most notable work is the hymnal “Cithara Sanctorum,” also known as “Tranoscius.”

“Cithara Sanctorum” was first published in 1649 and became the most widespread Protestant hymnal in the Czech language. It contains a collection of hymns and psalms for worship and devotion. The hymnal played a significant role in the development of Czech Protestant music and had a lasting impact on the religious and cultural life of the Czech lands.

The hymns in “Cithara Sanctorum” are characterized by their theological solid content, poetic expression, and ability to resonate with the religious sentiments of the time. Třanovský’s hymns often reflect themes of faith, salvation, and praise, drawing inspiration from the Psalms and biblical narratives.

This particular edition was printed in Budapest in 1877, with a preface by the publisher Alojs Buchansky and features both the Cithara and Phiala Sanctorum.

Due to its popularity and enduring influence, “Cithara Sanctorum” has been reprinted numerous times and continues to be used in Czech Protestant worship today. It remains an essential part of the Czech tradition and Třanovský’s legacy as a poet and theologian.


Budapest, Alojs Buchansky, 1877.

Pp.: 1246; 112; 237 (Phiala)


Binding: Classical metal binding with clasps and engraved panels. One clasp is missing

Condition: fragile condition due to age but remains legible 


  • Approx. Size: 7.75" H x 5.275" W

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1876 Cithara Sanctorum Tranovsky Tranoscius Protestantism Hymnal
1876 Cithara Sanctorum Tranovsky Tranoscius Protestantism Hymnal Sale price$1,050.00